Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Batman of Union Springs

Professional bat remover George Perkins of Union Springs sometimes wears a Batman costume, notes Associated Press reporter Elliott Minor; he also drives a Batmobile (a Prowler) and calls his office the Batcave. Check out the photo.

Perkins' struggle against his current archenemies, the bats infesting the historic district of Americus, Ga., also was covered by National Public Radio -- on Halloween, naturally.


Blogger Donna said...

Thanks so much for all the fascinating information in your book, Alabama Curiosities, and on your Web site.

I decided to contact you and make you aware of another Alabama curiosity; Matilda, World's Oldest Chicken. My husband, Keith, and I were very blessed to have shared not only our home in Bessemer, Alabama, but also our lives with Matilda.

Details on Matilda and her extraordinary accomplishments are available at:



In closing, I wish you much continued success in your quest for "quirky characters, roadside oddities, and other offbeat stuff".

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