Friday, April 07, 2006

The Walrus was ... Alan Wood?

First National Bank of Central Alabama is running ads that spoof the famous album photo of the Beatles walking single file across London's Abbey Road. Instead of four Beatles, we get four bank officers walking across the street.

  • In the lead, we get not John Lennon but Tracy Waldrop, assistant branch manager. Like John, she wears a white suit, but she's jauntily swinging her arms, whereas John, in a characteristic funk, has his hands in his pockets. Tracy's hair is shorter than John's, and she does not have a beard.

  • Second, we get not Ringo Starr but Bryan Robinson, assistant vice president. Like Ringo, he's wearing a black suit and black dress shoes.

  • Third, we get not Paul McCartney but Alan Wood, president. Like Paul, he's barefoot and wearing a black suit, but unlike Paul, he's not holding a cigarette. So far, we've heard no rumors that Alan is dead, maybe because the red-herring Volkswagen isn't visible.

  • Fourth, we get not George Harrison but Sam Parks, executive vice president. Like George, he's in denim and sneakers. He lacks a beard, but otherwise he's worthy of honor as the officer whose stride and arm position best match those of his corresponding Beatle.

    The headline on the ad in the Feb. 26 Tuscaloosa News is:


    Over me? Over which one, I wonder?

    I initially thought the four locals merely had been Photoshopped onto the actual Abbey Road photo, but on closer inspection I see many differences between the bank shot and the Beatles shot. The bank shot lacks not only the Volkswagen but many of the other cars; also in the bank shot, the lane striping down the middle of the street, leading to the horizon, is jagged, not straight.

    How disappointing to visit the bank's website and find no trace of this ad campaign anywhere! So you'll just have to take my word for it.

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